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Pet friendly establishments in Lima

Those of us who have pets know the difficulty of go walking with them when we have gone to a date in a bar or restaurant or, simply, when we want to having a coffee while we are taking them out for a walk.

Although Lima has had a hard time catching up with other European capitals that were already offering friendly spaces for pets, we can say that today there are plenty of options that will not leave us unsatisfied.

In this post, we want to try to help by showing some of the most recommended places in Lima where your pet can pass and enjoy some cookies, some water to quench their thirst, and of course, your company.

Pet Friendly Lima

Armónica Café 

This beautiful space in which a healthy lifestyle is promoted with a vegan diet and in harmony with your body, allows you to move your pet to his terrace, and even offer water and dog food in case you forgot to bring it.

Armonica Café Pet Friendly Lima

Las vecinas

A warm and pleasant place where you can enjoy a good meal with the best organic and sustainable products. In addition, they have a special place for you to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with your dog either in the attic of the restaurant or in the main lounge.

Las Vecinas Lima Pet Friendly Lima

Beso francés

Beso francés (French Kiss) is located on the Miraflores Malecon, so you'll be able to enjoy sweet or salty pancakes overlooking the sea. This space has a water bottle exclusively for pets and offers courtesy cookies for dogs and cats, and also sell food for them.

Beso francés Pet Friendly Lima

La Casa de los anticuchos

It is one of the most popular anticucherías of Lima. It was born with the vision of offering its flagship dish with the best ingredients. Accepts reservations, is ideal for children and if that were not enough also accept the entry of pets. /acasadelosanticuchos/

La Casa de los Anticuchos Pet Friendly Lima

El pan de la chola

The establisment with the best artisanal "sourdough" breads without yeast also offers coffees, bread tables, teas, orange juice, extracts and sweets not so sweet. It allows you to spend delicious breakfasts, lunches and meals next to your pet every day of the week.

El pan de la chola Pet Friendly Lima

La Calandria

The well-known Barranco bio-shop offers products for good living, has a cafeteria that offers daily vegetarian menus and has a small inner courtyard where you can enter with your pet, as long as they remain calm and polite.

La Calandria Pet Friendly Lima

La bodega verde

Another classic Barranco very close to the Plaza Municipal that offers healthy food, coffees, infusions and rich breakfasts, is the Bodega Verde, with a beautiful outdoor garden where dogs and cats are welcome.

La Bodega verde Pet Friendly Lima

Blu: Il gelato del barrio

In this handmade ice cream parlour in Barranco where delicious ice creams based on seasonal fruits are offered, our pets are also welcome. Although the place is not so large, there is always room for everyone.

Blu: el gelato del barrio Pet Friendly Lima

Seitan Urban Bistro

This beautiful Miraflores location features a daily menu of vegan dishes, plus vegan quinoa burgers, beans, lentils and breaded seitan. The menu also features rich vegan makis. Our pets are more than welcome.

Seitan Urban Bistro Pet Friendly

So now you know where animals are welcome, you won't have an excuse to sit next to your best friend and share more pleasant moments with them.

Senna Gonzales, Peru Travels Blog
January 2019

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