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Tourists were expelled from Machu Picchu for obscene gestures

Believe it or not, the fact that one or more tourists perform obscene acts in Machu Picchu is nothing new and there have been many similar cases.

In the classic postcard that is the most photographed of Machu Picchu (with the Huayna Picchu in the background) have been taken instant several Hollywood stars, there have been hundreds of petitions for hands... But it has also witnessed some"filth" that clearly contravene the ethical rules governing the visit to the wonder of the world.

Tourist expelled from Machu Picchu for obscene acts

On this occasion, three tourists were discovered by the Ministry of Culture's park rangers when they showed their buttocks to other tourists who were passing through the area known as 'La casa del vigía'.

After being intervened by the authorities, the three tourists identified as Gerardo Tobías (21) of German nationality, Noan Reichlin (24) of Swedish nationality and Sjoerd Ten Brinkee (26) of Dutch nationality, were referred to the Aguas Calientes Police Station, where they were warned of their behaviour, forbidding them from entering Machu Picchu until after one year.

Tourist expelled from Machu Picchu for obscene acts

"We very much regret that this type of attitude continues to be taken by bad tourists, we understand that they behave unseemly in other places, but they must respect our monument, because for the people of Cusco and for all Peruvians it is a sacred site," quoted the local newspaper Correo Fernando Astete, head of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park.

The official also regretted that up to now this type of attitude has not been punished effectively or pecuniary, which could discourage other visitors from committing similar actions.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
March 2018

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