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Nightlife in Arequipa

To finish our tour of the White City, and as we will surely be quite tired after having made the tours to the Colca Canyons, Cotahuasi, Misti Volcano and surroundings, we will propose you to relax and have a drink in the best nightlife places in Arequipa.

As in the previous post on hotels and restaurants, the nightlife in Arequipa is located in the outskirts of the Historic Center, so we do not have to go very far to find all the leisure options. Most of them are in San Francisco or Dolores Streets.

Best Nightlife Arequipa: Clubs, Pubs and Discos

Casona Forum

A classic of Arequipa's nightlife that is maintained over time is the Casona Forum, a building with several levels and three venues where you can eat baked pizzas, listen to salsa, electronic music or rock n' roll from the 80's and even play pool at the Zero Bar.

Le Café Art Montreal

Very close to Forum is Le Café Art Montreal, a small and cosy venue that has become another leisure classic in the city. With soft lighting and candles on their tables, they usually offer live music on weekends in a small stage at the back of the room. Perfect for a drink in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Las Quenas

Las Quenas is a traditional club where you can listen to Creole music almost every night. With a fun atmosphere, you can also taste various dishes of Arequipa's food from 20.00 hours.

El Museo del Pisco

With a touch between classic and modern, the Museo del Pisco offers a great variety of macerated wines based on the Peruvian flag liqueur. An ideal place to have a few pisco sours, chilcanos of different flavors based on muña, coca leaf or even chili peppers, and listen to quiet music. They also offer some dishes of food and traditional Arequipa and international snacks.

Dèjá Vu

Dejá Vu Another of the classics of Arequipa's nightlife that has a huge terrace from where you can see the church of San Francisco. In the evenings they usually take Dj's from various parts of the world who liven up the evening well into the early morning. Free salsa and bachacha classes on Thursdays and Fridays.

Farren's Irish Bar

As in any good Irish pub, you can have a nice pint of Guinness beer while watching some Premier League match on the big screen. With a very international atmosphere it is a good option for a young audience that wants to have fun, sing and enjoy a happy-hour.

Ad Libitum

Ad Libitum is a quiet place where you can listen to music and enjoy a variety of cocktails based on pisco and other drinks. During the day we can also order one of its cheap ceviches, sandwiches or hamburgers, accompanied by a well frozen Arequipeña beer.


A lively place with a good variety of cocktails and macerated of piscos. The venue, bright and with a good atmosphere, has two floors, the top floor with a terrace with views. Some nights they perform live music performances.


This Arabic-style venue is a nice and quiet place with live music where you can have a few cocktails and chat with friends. It offers some Arabian dishes such as hummus, falafel or shawarma. They also offer for a modest price smoking in cachimba (aka narghile or shisha).

Karaoke Feel Your Voice

And for all karaoke fans there is an option where they can showcase their talent as singers! The karaoke Feel your Voice, which has several private rooms with sound and lighting equipment.

We hope that these recommendations can help you relax in Arequipa's nightlife. In the next post we follow our route to Lake Titicaca and the Andean city of Puno.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
February 2018

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