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Machu Picchu among the most photographed places of Instragram

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is among the 30 tourist attractions that have more images in the popular social network of Instragram.

According to #XperiaNewPerspectives, which lists the main places most widespread in the social network on photography, Machu Picchu would have about 745 thousand identical photographs in Instagram, occupying a remarkable 12th place.

First of all - as it could not be otherwise - is the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris (with 4.5 million images), followed by the London Big Ben (with almost 2.5 million photographs), and the Louvre Museum in Paris (with 1.7 million images).

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Before Machu Picchu, with positions 10 and 11, respectively, you will find the Roman Coliseum (860 thousand images) and the Statue of Liberty of New York (813 thousand pictures).

This news are others recognition for Cusco and especially for Machu Picchu, as a world-class tourist destination.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
February 2018

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