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Flats and apartments for rent in Lima

One of the first things we must do if we are coming to Peru to live for a while -either for work, loving or other reasons- is to look for an apartment to have a personal space from which to organize ourselves.

In this case, we will focus on Lima, as the capital is by far the main destination of residence for foreign visitors. Gone are the days when you had to go and see the ads stuck on the supermarket boards.

Nowadays, in addition to the traditional rental pages, searching for an apartment by days or months can be done through applications such as Airbnb, which are gaining ground in recent years.

The positive point is that the conditions that can be found through the Airbnb website or application are quite clear and we can read the comments of the previous tenants, who will notify us in case of fraud or non-compliance with the conditions offered by the property.

Another option - perhaps not so reliable - but to which we can turn, are the growing number of Facebook groups. We will only have to type our search in relation to what we want and we will find all kinds of options. The groups are usually closed, but we only have to ask to be added to the community, something that is usually almost immediate.

Lima Room for Rent,  Roomate Lima

In Lima the best known -and therefore the most reliable- are (in spanish, but come on, we have at hand the great google translator and all people speak english):

Sharing a room in Lima

The renting of independent rooms or shared flats is another option that is gaining ground, especially among young people who are declining for cheaper accommodation.

It is also ideal for people who stay for a few months or who come for study or temporary work.

To share a room there is an application called Dadaroom, which is free but in which you will have to pay a small fee to highlight your ad or update it after 15 days.

As in apartment rental we have a number of Facebook groups that work well (as well in spanish):

To help future visitors we will leave a thread in our forum where we will announce the apartments and rooms for rent that we discover. Similarly, anyone renting or looking for an apartment in the city can use the forum to place their ad.

Good luck in the search!

Ricardo Armestar, Peru Travels Blog
February 2018

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