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The 10 best vegan restaurants in Lima (+Map)

Gone are the days when Lima did not have a good offer of vegan and vegetarian products and restaurants to its citizens and visitors. Some of these establishments have opted to 'readapt' some of the Peruvian flagship dishes such as lomo saltado, replacing meat with soya products and other organic derivatives.

Traditional restaurants have some vegetarian dishes such as potato salads, papa a la huancaina, ocopa or causa. Or also Peruvian dishes that do not include meat such as avocado stuffed, vegetable soup, tacu tacu (rice with beans) or rice with vegetables.

For vegans it is more difficult, because much of Peruvian cuisine contains eggs, milk and cheese. Nevertheless, we are going to visit the 10 best restaurants that have eliminated animal-derived products from their menus and that we can find in several districts of Lima (mainly Miraflores and San Isidro).

Raw Cafe

The raw-vegan proposal of Raw Cafe, which consists of promoting a diet based on the gastronomic diet of our ancestors (based on seeds, roots, and vegetables) and a meal served 80% raw, has been a great success for the founding partners of the restaurant, who are already on their third premises in the city of Lima.

On the other hand, dishes that include cooking, do not exceed 42 ºC, so as not to subtract minerals and vitamins from their fresh inputs. The pizzas have a seed-based dough, with mushrooms and a bittersweet sauce with a slightly spicy touch. Highlight their fruit tarts, portobello raw sandwich with caramelized onions, tomatoes and vegan cheese, falafel bow, their original vegan nuggets or lentiburguer. rawcafe.com.pe/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Germinando Vida

Germinando Vida is one of the new vegan restaurants that opened its doors a couple of years ago offering an innovative menu based on non meat products. This beautiful bar in Barranco offers some dishes such as vegan pizzas, vegan sausage grill, a duo of causes with grilled mushrooms, crunchy sweet potato and passion fruit sauce or quinoa with peanuts and boiled potatoes.

Some dishes such as pasta can have eggs, so it is best to consult the responsible if the dish is 100% vegan. On their Facebook they usually post the menu of the week. Also offer gluten free meals. facebook.com/Germinandovi/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Espressate Vegan

In Expressate Vegan, located at Avenida Primavera 120 (Santiago de Surco) you can find a variety of lunches based on pizzas, salads, waffles, hamburgers or wraps crudivegans. Inside the premises, we can also buy a good range of organic and vegan products.

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Tiendita Vegan

Vegan's project began in 2015 with the goal of serving as a forum for vegan activists to debate and promote the sale and distribution of animal-free food, advising buyers on nutrition and veganism concerns.

Located in the Pueblo Libre district, the store, in addition to offering beverages, frozen foods, snacks, nutritional supplements, fruits, vegetables, and even dog food, offers elaborate dishes such as pizzas, lasagnas or vegan tacos. Within their fast vegan food, they also offer quinoa, lentil or broccoli burgers and their well-known vegan sausages.

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

El Pan de la Chola

Bakery with different varieties of artisan breads that can be found in the bar of the wide premises of Avenida La Mar (918) in Miraflores. The offer that can be tasted - as it could not be otherwise - is based around bread and other products such as sandwiches, desserts or coffees. The best in the local is its baked pizzas, which have a vegan option without cheese. facebook.com/elpandelachola/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Samsara Vegano

It's time to taste the sweets from the hand of Samsara Vegano, which still has no premises, but they do have delivery service of their delicious vegetarian dishes, desserts and pastries to the neighborhoods of Chorrillos, Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro.

Its menu includes from panamito beans in tomato and pepper sauce, mushroom quiches, gluten-free cassava bread stuffed with carrot chili and tomatoes, fig cakes, aguaymanto, or vegan cakes with cocoa. facebook.com/samsaravegano/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

El Jardín de Jazmín

Hindu decoration is a predominant feature in the premises of El Jardin de Jasmín, a cosmovision that also translates into the name of some of its dishes such as Taco 'Kali' (Shiva's alterego goddess) made from a handmade mass of red pepper (gluten free) and black bean nuggets.

They also have quinoa burgers and some varieties of' “champipapas” (which they claim to have invented at the restaurant). For children they have a menu called 'canastita feliz' (Happy Basket). In addition, on Fridays and Saturdays in the afternoon they do events with live music, poetry recitals, among others. facebook.com/eljardindejazmin/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Veggie Pizza

Veggie Pizza has been a classic in all vegan circles of Lima since it opened its doors about 5 years ago in its first Barranco store. Her 100% vegan and gluten-free pizzas - which two of the brother members began preparing to offer a healthy diet to the third brother who had health problems - combine organic and natural ingredients that seek a balanced diet in their dinners.

In order to offer a healthy meal, Veggie Pizza does not sell soft drinks, but instead sells home-made fruit waters, beers and organic wines. Monte Inca, Jardín Real, La' Veggie' or Aromas del Monte, are some of his creations. facebook.com/VeggiePizzaPE/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

Mandala Juice Bar

Speaking of Veggie Pizza, we cannot fail to quote from Mandala Juice Bar, the juice bar of its founding members. In this premises dedicated to healthy breakfasts, the queen is the fruit, highlighting smoothies, juices and strong fruit bowls.

Highlight the smoothie bowl of cinnamon, green apple, apricot, blueberry, raspberries and mint or mango juice or red fruits. facebook.com/mandalajuicebar/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

La Verde Bio-Factoría

Known local vegan restaurant in Miraflores (Recavarren 315) that offers its customers a good menu of sandwiches, cakes, salads and other more elaborate dishes. 70% of the menu is gluten free, so it is also a great option for celiacs.

Wednesdays and Thursdays also sell vegetables from the organic suppliers of' 'Mi Querencia - Cieneguilla'. In their menu they have vegan burgers, stuffed peppers, vegetable creams or shawarmas with vegetables, sprouts, hummus, baba ganush accompanied by falafel. facebook.com/La-Verde/

Vegan Lima, Vegan restaurants Lima, Vegan Peru

We hope that this contribution will be useful for all vegans and celiacs visiting or residing in Peru. We also want to attach a map with veggies restaurants (vegetarians and vegans), shops and juices of Lima, by districts.

This map is a work loaned by our good friend journalist Javier García Wong, who owns a Facebook page specializing in vegetarian food and Nikkei La Mesa - Pass and Try, which we recommend from our blog.

If you want to include any new premises on this map or if you discover one that has closed its doors, do not hesitate to comment. Thank you!

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
February 2018

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