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10 Best Restaurants in Arequipa

In previous post we have already highlighted the virtues of Arequipa as an ideal middle point in Peru to combine cultural tourism, trekking, know its valleys and even go down to nearby beaches.

The region of Arequipa has everything, and we will not have much time to enjoy its capital if we want to know the attractions of the Cotahuasi Canyon, Colca Canyon, Valley of the Volcanoes or surroundings.

However, if we arrive strongly reloaded in the city and want to go out for a good chicha or eat some of the dishes of its delicious gastronomy, we leave you some recommendations that can be useful. Something positive is that we can find all these premises a few meters from the Historic Center.

Where to eat

There are well known restaurants in Arequipa that offer a menu based on local ingredients and traditional dishes that are first class. Some of the best-known dishes of Arequipa cuisine are rocoto relleno, ocopa, guinea pig 'chactado', chairo, pebre, chupe de camarones (shrimp soup), or cauche. In the following map we include the 10 best restaurants, indicating in purple those that can surpass a price per person of S/100 and in orange those that are below that average amount.


Chicha, by the famous Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, is located just a couple of blocks from the Plaza de Armas, in the Casona de Santa Catalina and a few steps from the homonymous convent. His food is centered on the traditional cuisine of Arequipa but with a touch of sophistication (characteristically in the seal of Acurio).

You can't miss your shrimp dishes, such as shrimp lollipops, ceviche or shrimp omelette, as well as stuffed rocoto, guinea pig or lamb stew. For dessert you can taste the typical frozen cheese of Arequipa.

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Zig Zag

Bordering the Monastery of Santa Catalina we find the restaurant Zig Zag, an Arequipa classic whose specialty is grilled meat on volcanic stone. A must-see dish is the trilogy of three charcoal grilled meats (cattle or beef, alpaca and lamb), in addition to other traditional dishes with Italian fusion, such as carpaccio, tabulé de tres quinuas or gnocchi de quinua with Amazonian pesto.

Zig Zag, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa

La Trattoria del Monasterio

La Trattoria del Monasterio is another must-see of Arequipa cuisine whose premises are integrated into the architectural complex of the Monastery of Santa Catalina. If the place itself already induces abstraction and recollection, the dishes of Italian influence (engineered by the arch-known Gaston Acurio) are boccato di cardinale. In soups you can't miss shrimp lollipops and gorgonzola cauche, in addition to their pizzas, pastas like brasatto ravioli or salads.

Trattoria of the Monastery, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa


Sambambaia's is located a little further from the center, next to the Ovalo de Vallecito, but you can get there by taxi from the Historic Center in just 5 minutes. The elegant and classic restaurant offers Andean and Italian Novo food, with a good menu of meat and pizzas. On Thursdays there is also a very popular buffet for residents and tourists.

Sabambaia's, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa


Zingaro is located in a beautiful white volcanic ashlar building with vaulted ceilings, glass windows and even a pianist. It is a great option to eat meats, with dishes such as zingaro loin, alpaca strogonoff with quinoa croquettes, alpaca ribs, or fish such as trout or Amazon paiche. It has a good list of Latin American wines.

Zingaro, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa


If we want some cheaper restaurants we also have excellent alternatives such as another classic of the Arequipa's downtown, Crepisimo, a cultural coffee with bonfire that has terrace, board games and all kinds of stuffed crepes: from chicken chili, to stuffed rocoto crepe, with chicken in oriental sauce, to sweets with honey and pears. They also have juices, infusions, and even a 'Crepisimo' cocktail served in an ostrich egg.

Crepisimo, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa


Hatunpa restaurant is born from an original idea, where the specialty of the house is the Andean potatoes cooked and served with shell, covered with typical Arequipa fillings (cheese casserole, bachelor cheese, stuffed rocoto, among others). The premises work with 25 types of native Peruvian potatoes and can be served with any other filling the customer may desire.

Hatunpa, places to go out in Arequipa, the best restaurants in Arequipa

El Buda Profano

We didn't want to stop recommending a vegan option for blog readers, that's why El Buda Profano is the best alternative in the city, besides with a kind of food that is gaining ground on national soil by leaps and bounds: Japanese food. You can try a variety of 100% vegan makis and traditional Japanese soups such as miso soup or gyozas.

La Nueva Palomino

La Nueva Palomino is undoubtedly one of the best snack bars in the city of Arequipa. It is located about 2 kilometers from the Historic Center, crossing the Chili River. The place, without any great pretensions in the decoration, is a traditional restaurant where it is served richly and in quantity, reason why it is always full of people from the place.

We recommend its Chupe de camarones (shrimp soup), its' Superpicante', stuffed rocoto, corvina a lo macho or malaya (kind of fish), all watered with the typical chicha de guiñapo (black corn beer) of the chicherías, or the popular Arequipeña beer.

La Nueva Palomino Arequipa, where to eat Arequipa, Best Restaurants Arequipa

Manolo's Arequipa

Restaurant Manolo's is located on one side of the Plaza de Armas, in Calle Mercaderes, and is known for its retro atmosphere full of mirrors and large tables. Like the Manolo's de Miraflores, it offers a great variety of sandwiches, triples, sandwiches, tapas, huge ice cream glasses and its infallible churros stuffed with delicacy.

Manolos Arequipa, where to eat Arequipa, Best Restaurants Arequipa

We still have many recommendations in the inkwell, but for space reasons we only wanted to recommend the 10 that we considered most important in the city. In the comments you can leave us some other places that you think may be on this list, they will be welcome!

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
February 2018

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