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National Cultural Heritage declared to Clean Ditches "Sequía Pitsé" (Áncash)

The ritual celebration of the ancashina community of Raquia called Clean of irrigation ditches "Sequía Pitsé", oriented since pre-Hispanic times to prepare irrigation channels for each agricultural period, was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation today by the Ministry of Culture.

Developed in the Raquia community, in the fertile valley of Fortaleza, Ancash department, at an altitude of 2,100 masl, the "Pitsé Ditch Cleanup" aims to prepare the local water distribution system and clear its path so that it flows into the fields without interruption.

Cleaning of irrigation ditches Pitsé Ditch, Cultural Heritage of the Nation
Photo by Roberto Aldave
The tradition, which takes place annually between the 3rd and 6th of February, activates an ancient system of work called "ayni", as well as forms of reciprocity with nature and allows us to maintain a set of values, knowledge and practices associated with the efficient use of water and respect for the environment.

La Limpia de Acequias "Sequia Pitsé" is also a typical celebration of Andean agricultural societies that has different denominations throughout the country, among them, Fiesta del Agua, Yaku Raymi and Champería.

Pitsé Ditch Drying Ditch Cleaning
Photo by Roberto Aldave
These festivities annually repeat a custom of pre-Hispanic origin that has been seen in several cultures such as the Nasca, whose ritual symbolism refers to the fertilization of the earth (the Mama Pacha) by new water, and at the beginning of a new agricultural cycle.

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December 2017

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