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5 organizations to volunteer in Peru

Perhaps you are thinking of learning more about Peru and want to contribute to improving the way of life in their communities. There are a good number of non-profit organizations in the country that allow young volunteers from all countries to increase their work experience while experiencing vulnerable areas in need of international assistance.

If you are foreigner, young and dare to take the leap of coming to this country, volunteering can bring you multiple benefits. On the one hand, make friends, expand your network of contacts, discover a new way of looking at the world, support with your experiences and knowledge the workers of your city or community of residence; and on the other hand, gain experience and add this work to your resume.

In Peru there are a large number of organizations who offer this volunteer service and they usually provide transportation, orientation, volunteer placement, meals and emergency services.

In relation to your professional career you will be able to choose which one is more in tune with your preferences and which of them may be the best option to spend those months in Peru. Remember that in some communities or cities of Peru there is a high rate of poverty and chronic malnutrition, but we are sure that with the right disposition you will live beautiful stories and experiences.

1. Kallpa

Kallpa defines itself as a creative and innovative organization, committed to human development that seeks to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents on the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru.

It work focuses on the motivation, organization and participation of the family and community, the transfer of strategies with quality and sustainability, the understanding of interculturality, participation in public and private networks, and the propositional capacity in social policies in health and education. Web:; Mail:; Phone: +51 (01) 224 3344.

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2. Manuela Ramos

This is a nonprofit feminist organization founded in 1978 with a mission to defend women's rights and improve their quality of life. It seeks the empowerment of women from a perspective committed to social justice, democratic values and respect for human rights. Web: Headquarters: Av. Juan Pablo Fernandini Nº 1550, Pueblo Libre. Mail: Telephone: +51 (01)423 8840. Facebook.

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3. Escaes

The non-profit organization Escuela Campesina de Educación y Salud (ESCAES) aims to train young, creative and responsible peasant leaders who are committed to change and development in their communities. They work in the Piura and Cajamarca areas. Web: Headquarters: Jr. Junín 589, Magdalena del Mar. Mail. Telephone: +51 (01)4613047.

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4. Tierra de Niños

Tierra de Niños (TdN) "Children's Land", promotes and strengthens the autonomy and social protagonism from and with children and young people in relation to other social actors, articulated to local empowerment processes that influence public policies in favor of children and young people of the poor populations of Peru. Web: Headquarters: Av Angamos 351, Interior 1502, Miraflores. Lima. Mail: Telephone: +51 (01)44 43462. Facebook.

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5. Cuso International

Canadian-born CUSO is an international development organization whose actions focus on reducing poverty and inequality through training and empowerment of volunteers. Web: Headquarters: 44 Eccles St # 200. K1R 6S4 Ottawa. Mail: Telephone: +1 888 434 2876. Facebook.

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In addition to those already mentioned, South American Explorers (SAE) has a database of volunteer organizations with lists of foreign volunteers in their offices in Lima and Cusco. Several of them accept volunteers by contacting us in advance. We can quote several as:

Cross-Cultural Solutions offers educational and social service projects in Lima and Ayacucho.

ADRA (Headquarters: 770 Angamos Oeste Avenue, Miraflores) Development Agency or with projects related to health, education and agriculture.

Earthwatch Institute that supports scientists on archaeological missions and other expeditions to the Amazon and Andes.

Global Crossroad. Volunteer programs in the Andes with language teaching, homestay and volunteer work.

Hope Foundation. Education and health work in the Peruvian Andes.

AECID. The Spanish Cooperation Agency, which carries out several works in Peru and has been implementing several development projects in the country.

Volunteers for Peace. Volunteer work camps in Lima or Ayacucho. Part of the fees can be paid directly to the communities involved.

Kiya Survivors. Positive Action is responsible for volunteering up to six months as teachers and therapists for children with special needs. The work takes place in Cusco, Urubamba, the Sacred Valley and Mancora.

We hope that if you take the plunge of spending a few months as a volunteer, your stay here will be most rewarding. The warmth of the humble people in Peru is one of its greatest treasures. I'm sure you're not disappointed in the experience.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
December 2017

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