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Where to Eat & Going Out in Ica

In previous post we told you about the best Hotels in the city of Ica. Once replenished from fatigue, it is time to eat some regional dishes and get some fun in its pubs and bars.

Where to eat in Ica 

There are good options to eat in Ica, both in the center of the city, and in some of the vineyards a little further away.

This is the case of Tambo Tacama Restaurant, a little away from the downtown of the city and located in the Hacienda Bodega de Tacama, between jars of wine and pisco. This beautiful place offers dishes from the regional cuisine of Ica, such as the spicy pallares verdes, the carapulcra iqueña, the salad of pallares, or a classic tacu tacu de pallares accompanied by a beef tenderloin or a good fish fillet.

Other coastal dishes such as ají de gallina or lomo saltado, are specialties of the house. Before entering the restaurant you can visit the hacienda or try some of its wines and

Restaurants in Ica, Where to eat in Ica, Ica Peru

Restaurant Don Fernando Gourmet is a beautiful red-bricked establishment located a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas. The restaurant, in addition to regional dishes such as the lomo saltado or the tacu tacu, offers bakery products and coffees, as well as some delicious sanguches of different varieties. Telephone: +51 (056) 215792.

Restaurants in Ica, Where to eat in Ica, Ica Peru

Vegetarians can find a choice very close to the plaza, El Paraiso, a small restaurant with low prices and a small menu of traditional dishes such as the loin, the steak a la pobre or the milanesa, all made with soya meat. They also offer a varied assorted juice list (they do not sell alcohol). Mobile phone: +51 956085108.

El Otro Peñoncito is probably the most historic restaurant in Ica, inaugurated in 1968 and decorated with wooden walls and palm trees, this establishment has a rich cuisine among which stand out its marine dishes and other regional dishes such as the lomo saltado, the chicken a la Iqueña (chicken breast stuffed with pecan sauce and pisco) or grilled steak with white sauce and asparagus. In his letter can also found vegetarian dishes. The place is also known for its Pisco sours.

Restaurants in Ica, Where to eat in Ica, Ica Peru

Restaurant Venezia is a pizzeria located very close to the Plaza of Ica, with family atmosphere and all kinds of Italian dishes, such as pasta or lasagnas, although they also have a good selection of grilled meats. It is recommended to go ahead because many dishes are cooked with the products of the day at the request of the client.

The owner's sympathy is well known, he always tries to make the stay of his clients as pleasant as possible.

Restaurants in Ica, Where to eat in Ica, Ica Peru

Where going out in Ica

In general, the nightlife in Ica is pretty limited. The best leisure option is in the same hostels or in some of the bars and pubs that are in the Huacachina. If you are staying in the city center there are a couple of options next to the Plaza de Armas so you can have a drink or a traditional pisco.

Dr. Boom is a venue relatively close to the Plaza de Armas. A wide space where listen from electronic music to other styles such as reggaetton.

Going out Ica, Discoteques Ica, Pubs Ica, Ica Peru

The Who Ultrabar is undoubtedly the best nightclub in the city to go out for drinks. With a "neoclassical" decoration it is a clean place with a good variety of drinks and musical styles.

Going out Ica, Discoteques Ica, Pubs Ica, Ica Peru

Conga's Bar is right in front of The Who and is a good option to listen to live salsa bands. In addition to the salsa you can dance to another series of Latin rhythms such as reggaeton or bachata.

Going out Ica, Discoteques Ica, Pubs Ica, Ica Peru

In our next post we will take a pisco in one of the 85 artisanal wineries that exist in Ica. Join us to know the famous Pisco Route.

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November 2017

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