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Enjoy the Pisco Route of the city of Ica

One of the great tourist attractions of Ica are undoubtedly its more than 85 artisan wineries, known nationally and internationally for being the main producers of wine and pisco in the country.

In many stores in the city center you can buy bottles of this flag drink, although we will always recommend that you go to the wineries itself to taste 'in situ' the flavor of a good Peruvian Pisco.

The best dates to carry out this Pisco Route in the city of Ica are during the collection of the grape, between the month of February and the beginning of April.

Some of the wineries are located within the residential areas of Los Aquijes and San Juan Bautista, which can be reached from Ica by taxi for about S/ 8 (US$ 2,5) or by colectivo (a kind of taxi that collects several people) by S / 1, 5.

The colectivos that travel toward Los Aquijes depart from the intersection of 2 de Mayo and Ayacucho streets; while those who go to San Juan Bautista leave from the corner of the Municipality with Loreto.

Hacienda La Caravedo de Ica

About 25 minutes by car from the city of Ica, is the oldest distillery in America, La Caravedo, which currently retains that ancestral knowledge of the distillate with the most modern technologies.

The winery works with the eight types of grapes that are cultivated in the valley where highlighting the varieties of quebranta, muscatel, italia or torontel. The emblem of this winery is Pisco Portón, one of the most recognized in the country.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Lazo Craft Winery

This winery is located in the hamlet of Camino de Reyes. The history of this classic iqueña winery goes back to the time of the colony and has its own legend and tradition, such as the harvest that takes place in March carried out by the most beautiful women in the Valley.

Lazo retains in its cellar of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries a rustic museum where you can visit a collection of mummified trophy heads, ceramics, goldsmiths, pre-Hispanic mantles or paintings.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

El Catador Winery

Another of the classic wineries of the city of Ica is El Catador, which is undoubtedly one of the busiest for both domestic and foreign tourists. The winery that is located in the Tres Esquinas hamlet in the district of Subtanjalla, holds several national awards for innovative products such as the semi-prepared Pisco Sour and La Fina Pisco Cream. The winery has a restaurant that prepares local dishes and usually offers live music shows.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Lovera Craft Winery

This family winery founded in 1867 is located in the Aquijes district, in the Garganto hamlet, a place recognized by the locals as the best district for the production of wine and pisco. The owners of the winery make visits in which they show how to prepare pisco and other Ica liquors in the purest colonial style.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Vista Alegre Winery

Picasso brothers came from Italy to Ica in 1850 to found 7 years later one of the most renowned wineries in the region. The fourth generation of the family has been modernizing the processes and today they have specialized technicians from Italy, France and Argentina.

Picasso wines and pisco are well known in the country, in addition to their pisco Sol de Ica, in its varieties of quebranta, acholado and muscatel, in addition to its piscos with perfect huaco shaped bottles for a gift.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Ocucaje Winery

Ocucaje wines and piscos are among the most popular and best-selling in Peru, and they have achieved a great number of international awards. This family winery has been passed from generation to generation for 110 years.

The present large house and the stables that occupy the winery belonged to the Congregation of the Jesuits. The facilities are renovated and two new 2,000-liter computerized stills have been added. The winery is quite far away (Av. Principal s / n), about 30 km south of Ica from the Panamericana. Going by taxi can cost about S/ 35, although you can join groups that go there to lower costs.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Tacama Winery

Like Ocucaje, Tacama's wines and piscos are a benchmark nationwide. This winery was also property of the Jesuits during the colony and the stables and the house are conserved. In a unique enclave for the production of wines and piscos, Tacama produces tons of high quality bottles for export and local consumption.

Pisco Route Ica, Pisco Ica, Wineries Pisco

Through this map you can guide and find more information about the aforementioned wineries:

If you still manage to stand or, at least without a slight wobble, we can regain strength in one of the largest oases in Latin America, the Huacachina.

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November 2017

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