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The National Culture Awards Peru 2017 goes to Susana Baca, Óscar Naters and MALI

El Premio Nacional de Cultura (National Culture Award 2017, in english), considered the most important cultural award in the country, goes to the singer Susana Baca, the playwright Óscar Naters and the Art Museum of Lima (MALI); the latter in the category Good Institutional Practices.

The Ministry of Culture recognized in this way the outstanding singer, composer and musical researcher, Susana Baca, with the PNC for her career, her originality and style, which she has shown throughout her career.

National Culture Award 2017, Susana Baca

In the meantime, maestro Óscar Naters Burger won the award in the Creativity category, because -through three decades of indefatigable tenacity- he knew how to bring his Integro performing arts laboratory, his ingenuity, insight and inspiration into dance, acting, performance, video and lighting, among other disciplines.

National Culture Award 2017, Óscar Naters

The jury of the PNC was formed by personalities of art and culture such as Salomón Lerner Febres, Luis Repetto Málaga, Wilton Martínez Carlevarino, the actress and producer Alicia Morales Dasso, Luis Cortés Carcelén; Diana Guerra Chirinos or María Ulfe Young.

Good Institutional Practices

As for this category, the Art Museum of Lima (MALI) was awarded, recognizing this non-profit organization, for decades in favor of the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, the defense and conservation of the cultural heritage of the nation and intercultural dialogue.

National Culture Award 2017, MALI

The award was sponsored for the sixth consecutive year by Petroperú and will be delivered at a special ceremony next Monday, November 27 at the National Grand Theater.

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November 2017

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