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San Isidro District, the financial center of Lima

San Isidro district is considered as the financial center of the city and owns the highest Index of Human Development of Peru. We do not want to focus much on it in this post. Being the district where the most of the high socioeconomic stratum of Lima live, most of the business, exclusive shops, or top-of-the-range restaurants are here. We will stop there with more depth in the next post about gastronomy and restaurants deluxe.

A good option in San Isidro is walking through its Bosque del Olivar, a space filled of these species of trees that dated from 1560 that it passed by around several hands of nobles from then on to the present. San Isidro is also one of the safest districts in the city.

If  you are looking for is exclusivity, Santa Cruz Avenue of San Isidro could be compared -with obviously  differences- to the Rodeo Drive of Los Angeles. Business like the Madam Tussan Restaurant, Delifrance, Apple Store, or the upcoming Aston Martin - McLaren offices, and the Tiffany boutique, make this area of Miraflores an ideal location.

The efforts of the Municipality of San Isidro and some entrepreneurs of the avenue, as the manager of the top jewelry G & G, assure that they are taking measures such as a double-track, broad sidewalks, easy access, or be in downtown area but at the same time reserved, to take Santa Cruz Avenue to the top of the exclusivity in Peru.

In addition, San Isidro district also have with two Huacas, pre-Hispanic constructions with form of pyramid split. The first and most important is the HUACA HUALLAMARCA, a construction dating from the first century for public purposes that it was abandoned during the third century to become a cemetery. About the fifties, it was reconstructed and currently is a monument that can be visited in the center of the district. SCHEDULE: Tue-Sun 9 am to 5 pm. General admission S / 5, students S / 3, children S / 1. Telephone: (+51) 1 222 4124. (Facebook).

Another building with the same characteristics is the HUACA SANTA CRUZ, that also was called the Huaca of Santa Maria of Santa Cruz. This Huaca, however is pretty worse preserved than Huallamarca and only remains the structure of the base, which dated from the Late Horizon period. During the conservation works was discovered a cemetery with tombs associated with the Inca pottery. This huaca is located on Belen Avenue, very close to the Bethlehem College and opposite the Residencial Santa Cruz. Telephone: (+51) 1 618 9393 Annex 4021 (Directorate of Monuments Management - Ministry of Culture).

As it is the most exclusive district of the city, inside we can find the best hotels, like the Country Club Lima Hotel, the Royal Park, Los Delfines, the Westin Libertador, and shopping centers like Camino Real; the best schools; and the best clubs, such as the Lima Golf Club, which has also built an entire residential area around which is the most valued in the city.

If you are looking for luxury and comforts, you will find everything in San Isidro, although there is the paradox of being in the heart of a country that still fights to banish the ghosts of inequality and malnutrition.

In the next post we will focus on their establishments , restaurants and recreation areas. At the moment we can close our route through Lima a little further from here, near the airport; is the popular Constitutional Province of Callao.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
October 2017

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