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5 Restaurants to eat Ceviche in Chorrillos

Near to the beautiful district to Barranco we'll find the better way to eat a good ceviche: the district of Chorrillos. And we believe in the quality of this flagship dish because of the proximity to the Pier of Chorrillos and the Fishing Terminal of Villa María del Triunfo, where we will mainly find the species of pota (variety of squid), horse mackerel, bonito, hake, mullet, corvine or sole.

After paying S/ 0.50 you can access the extension of the Pier of Chorrillos and observe more than 200 small boats dedicated to small-scale fishing. You can also eat a ceviche to the step prepared by the wives of fishermen for a price of S/ 8.

Beside the fishing quay there are also some places that offer this dish along with other typical seafood dishes such as fish chicharrón (pieces of fried fish), arroz con mariscos (seafood rice) or causa (potato dough filled with crab, octopus or various vegetables).

These restaurants besides to the Quay are built in small wooden cubicles and offer low-cost menus from S/ 12 to S/ 15. We suggest you some alternatives of "higher quality" so that you can eat a ceviche in Chorrillos.


Sonia Guardia is the manager of this traditional cevichería that has lived in the same place of Chorrillos since the 80's. Something that remains in the memory of all attendees is to see the patriarch of the family reciting fishing stories verses while elevating to the air some bundle of fresh cheetahs or sole taken from the sea, with a deep voice, while the live chords of a Creole or Afro-Peruvian song play in the background.

Nowadays this cevichería is among the favorites of the limeños and has managed to stay at the top thanks to the sympathy and good treatment of its owners and, of course, the quality of its dishes, such as risotto a la huancaina with grilled octopus , tacu tacu a lo macho, the ceviche 'winner' or the fried cheetah. Street Agustín Lozano La Rosa 173.

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El Morocho

El Morocho is another place that has managed to position itself over time as one of the best options for eating ceviche in Chorrillos. And we have been able to verify it in a recent visit, in which we were surprised dishes like its ceviche of sole, tacu tacu el Morocho (with seafood), wantanes of shrimp or the causas.

On its first floor, a musicians trio plays criolle songs, but also some hits of international pop rock to the rhythm of classic guitar and drawer. El Morocho is located on Avenida Mariscal Castilla 155, from where you can see the sea next to the Malecón de Chorrillos.

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Cevichería Beto

Beto is a traditional cevichería, without pretensions but with a warm atmosphere and a good quality in its dishes. The tacu tacu of seafood, the traditional ceviche with sea urchins, or the noodles with shrimp sauce, are some of the options that can surprise us in this place of marine environment.

A couple years ago its owner 'Beto' opened another restaurant on La Habana Street 229. Main location Av. Emilio Sandoval.

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El Encuentro Otani

El Encuentro is not a 'traditional' cevicheria but we don't want to stop including this place that since 1987 is based in Chorrillos and fuses the best of Peruvian cuisine, with the technique and flavor of Japanese cuisine.

In its menu you will not only find the classic ceviches of sole, the tiraditos or the rice with seafood, but also that we will be able to taste delights like prawns tempura, sea snails, or the popular seafood makis. This beautiful place is located in Calle los Titanes 182.

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El Paraíso Marino

This modern two-floor restaurant stands out for its careful service and the quality of its traditional fish dishes, such as fried chita, ceviches sole or corvina, tiraditos or some more daring dishes such as tacu tacu 'three cheeses' or king prawn rissoto. A restaurant that we will not leave disappointed and that is in the heart of Chorrillos. Located on Avenida Nueva York 356.

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We have arrived to the south of Lima and have reloaded body and soul with a good ceviche in Chorrillos. In the next post we want to briefly show you the financial district of Lima: San Isidro, and discover the popular district of Callao, known for the Royal Fort San Felipe, the exclusive district of La Punta and, of course, salsa bands that abound in its streets.

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October 2017

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