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Barranco at Night (II)

Now that we know some of the best pubs and taverns in Barranco, it's time to going dancing and listening music at some of the district's best known places.


The first option that will come to mind to majority of the neighbors of Barranco for going out to dance is the well-know Sargento Pimienta (Sgt Pepper). Barranco at night is synonymous of this place wich opened its doors more than 40 years ago to become a referent of rock music in the district.

This spacious place located at Av Bolognesi 757, furthermore being a meeting place for lovers of rock and cumbia, dedicates every Tuesday to dance salsa. In the well-known 'Jueves de Salsa', there are live bands performances and the beginners receive classes in order to learn to move to the rhythm of the music.

Some of the national artists who began their professional career at Sgt. Pimienta are: Chocolate Algendones, Félix Casaverde, Raúl Pereira, Toño Gonzáles, Richie Zellon, Bam Bam Miranda, Jean Pierre Magnet, Miki Gonzáles, Pochi Marambio, among others.

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Another classic pub to go out dancing in Barranco is Dragon. Located on Calle Nicolás de Piérola 168, this modern venue offers a variety of music from cumbia to electronic music. In their concert hall they have played a great variety of musicians of all the styles, both national and international. Its schedule is from Wednesday to Saturday from 21.00 hours to 4.00 hours.

As you can see, in Nicolas de Piérola there are a couple of small hamburgers and homemade sandwiches that can take away hunger after drinks and dancing. (Photos: Facebook of the Dragon).

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This large venue is a bit further away from the center of Barranco but can be reached by taxi for about S/ 5 to Catalino Miranda 158. It is ideal to listen any kind of music, from funk, salsa or Dj's and music electronics.

In their stage usually take place concerts of national bands of rock, reggae, or salsa. Important: Help only opens on Thursdays; this is because this club shares the same venue with two other businesses that open Friday and Saturday, respectively. On Saturdays it opens in this space a group of Creole music called 'La Peña del Carajo', but we will stop at it later when we talk about this type of Peruvian music.

Highlight that the Help is for an audience between 18 and 25 years old. Help Facebook.

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TONOS INDEPENDIENTES (Independent Parties)

The word 'tono' can be translated from Peruvian jargon as 'fiesta', and from some years ago it became fashionable for neighborhood youths that they took the initiative of renting venues where took place the performances of the latest fashionable bands.

Usually there are alternative parties realized into an old large house, where live performances of reggae, funk, salsa or rock are celebrated, through the sale of beers and chilcanos. Depending of the quality of the bands or the places, the prices of tickets can turn between S/ 10 to S/ 20 and beers or 'chelas' - as it is known in the slang of Peru and other countries of the region - usually cost S/ 10 .

There are small producers usually formed by a pair of partners who are in charge of organizing these events; some of them are Patronal or Nincha Productions. These are responsible for leaving flyers or posters in the hostels of Barranco and Miraflores, so it is common to find young Europeans or Americans at their parties. Facebook Nincha Productions.

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Garito Bistro is one of the new trendy places in Barranco. Ruled by a spaniard administrator, the place has a good Spanish wine list and Spanish tapas, such as 'tortilla de patatas' (potato omelette) or 'Huevos rotos' (broken eggs with fries potatoes). In the lower part it has some tables with a more relaxed and illumined atmosphere.

To get some dance we can access to a second floor in which a Dj hits all kinds of music: from 80's to rock or salsa. It also has a large terrace where you can smoke and talk while having a drink. Facebook Garito Bistro.

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The managers of the barbarian craft brewery opened a few months ago their second pub in Barranco in a wider and funier atmosphere. In addition to artisanal beers (such as their own Babarian brand), they offer a good menu of snacks, among which are tequeños, hamburgers, tacos or grilled chicken. Facebook Barbarian Barranco.

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In just a few months Dadá has positioned itself as one of the fashionable venues of Barranco. Located inside an old colonial house, Dadá has several rooms with a unique decoration and very well thought out.

In addition to a good cocktail list, there is a restaurant with Peruvian-inspired dishes such as marinade, rice with duck, strip roast, and other international dishes such as salads, seafood or hamburgers.

The name of the venue already indicates the cultural character of the place, which performs exhibitions, art auctions and even 'Sundays for Children' in which the little ones can see performances, concerts or storytelling. Facebook of Dadá.

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Now that we know about Barranco at night and we have made a tour through its streets and galleries, it is time to continue moving a little further and take the hangover with one of the flags of Peru in one of the best districts to eat it: cebiche in Chorillos.

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September 2017

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