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Barranco at Night (I)

Besides being known for its galleries and beautiful corners, Barranco is also one of the districts with greater nightlife in the city of Lima.

In its streets we can find places that mix tradition (like the classic taverns) and fashinonable nigthspot. Barranco at night is an essential visit for any traveler who wants to know the idiosyncrasy of Lima. We will try to show you the most recommended in our opinion.


This typical tavern is a essential part of district of Barranco at Night. The property, owned by the late Juan Casusol since 1937, is one of the few period spaces that remain in the district and which has been visited by a great number of Peruvian intellectuals such as José María Eguren, Martín Adán, César Moro, Julio Ramón Ribeyro, or Nobel of Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.

Loaded with anecdotes - as women were not allow to enter until the late 1970s - the Juanitos (as it is called by all) closed in late 2011 for family disputes and reopened its doors in an adjoining room a couple of years later.

With a quiet atmosphere, only interrupted by the guitar of a singer who asks for some coins between the tables, it is an ideal place to take a few 'previos' and try their famous sanguches of country ham, butifarra, olives with cheese or sardines.

The chilcano (strong mixture of pisco and ginger ale, with only an ice cube) and if you allow me the suggestion, the pisco sour is very well achieved. A must-to-start the night in Barranco, economic and a charm that - despite changing premises - continues to maintain throughout its years. Av. Miguel Grau 270. Juanito's Facebook.

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If we spoke about Juanito we can not stop doing it with the other great tavern classic that is in Barranco and that dates from 1915, Bar Piselli. Like its predecessor, it has a bohemian atmosphere that attracts many of the artists and musicians of the current cultural scene in Barranco.

Also stand out the sanguches, the chilcanos and the piqueos with cheese, cabanossi and olives. Ideal to have a few beers in the company of friends. Calle 28 de Julio 297. Facebook Piselli.

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To complete the trilogy of classic bars, we must refer to the popular La Noche de Barranco, where in addition to a young atmosphere and a nice terrace where smoking is allowed, it is common to find people dancing next to their jukebox in the adjoining room.

The place is set in a large and beautiful colonial house on two floors and has a high wooden terrace and a space nearby for concerts. The concert schedule has a great variety of styles and in this place have touched recognized national and international authors.

It also has an extensive menu of drinks and meals, highlighting the Amazonian piqueo (with some typical products of the forest), tortilla de papas (spanish omellet) or papas bravas (spice potatoes). Calle Sánchez Carrión 199. Facebook of La Noche.

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Posada del Ángel began its journey as a cultural bar that is dedicated to live music in Barranco and has three places beautifully decorated in wood and with hagiographic motifs, stories like angels or virgins.

Every night Singer plays classic songs of composers like Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés or other songwriters such as Fito Páez, Joaquín Sabina, Charly García, Calamaro, among others. AV. Pedro de Osma 164. Facebook La Posada del Ángel.

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This English-style pub opened in 2014 and has quickly positioned itself among Barranco's reference premises for a good craft beer from anywhere in the world. They also have a good menu with British accents such as classic fish & chips, hamburgers or empanadas. The only negative point is that the place is not very spacious and on weekends it is somewhat inconvenient to go for a drink and eat. Av. Pedro de Osma 201. Facebook Brewpub Wicks.

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Ayahuasca is another of the referents of Barranco when talking about trendy locals in the district. Located in Prolongación San Martín, very close to the Municipal Park, it is established in 2008 in the beautiful house Berninzon, from the Republican era. The decorator was Maricruz Arribas, who makes clear references to the Andean worldview and shamanism: herbs, bottles, Chancay artisans' textiles, Scissor Dancer trousers ...

The house has several rooms with bar and a nice basement that mixes the art of Sandra Humbel and Pancho Basurco, all with bright colors and sets of lights that astonish the customer. Ayahuasca is renowned for the variety and quality of drinks on its drinks menu, which earned it the distinction of "Condé Nast Traveler" magazine as one of the best drink bars in the world. Facebook Ayahuasca.

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It seems that the world trend in the consumption of artisan beers came strongly. In Barranco Beer Company, located at Av. Grau 308. In this place they produce their own beer using traditional techniques and with the professional advice of brewers and microbiologists who evaluate good quality control.

In addition to the different varieties of beer, the place has a menu with choripanes, hamburgers, and homemade pizzas, among which is a pizza whose mass is made with the Peruvian purple corn, which gives it a unique flavor. This place has two floors, with a large terrace and with giant televisions to broadcast football, rugby or basketball games. Facebook Barranco Beer Company.

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If after knowing these places you want to dance, in the next post we will show you some places that will certainly meet your expectations.

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October 2017

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