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What to do in Barranco: Alternative Art

In the previous post we discovered some of the best known art galleries in Barranco, although there is also an "alternative" circuit for those who want to enjoy the work of some of most promising young Peruvian artists, at a reasonable price.

Artists who due to lack of contacts, or bad luck perhaps, are not in the showcase of a more elitist audience. Let's discover some initiatives that are also available in the district.

Gato Tulipan 

Gato Tulipán is a cultural association established six years ago by a group of artists of different nationalities united by the same goal, creating new itinerant artistic spaces where art can break down the barrier of exclusion through different artistic manifestations, highlighting the sculpture, painting, installation and music.

From year 2016 they settled in an old house Barranquina located in Bajada de Baños 350, with the purpose of creating a cultural center where offering  in a same space different proposals.

The place has an exhibition hall, designed to spread the art in different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, performance or music through exhibitions, recitals and workshops; a gallery shop, displaying an interesting selection of products such as jewelry, sculpture, clothing, or photography.

They also have and a music room in charge of the A.I.D.E.M music academy where piano, guitar and percussion classes are taught. This association also has a small bar where they offer coffees, craft beers or drinks into an atmosphere of art and music. SCHEDULE: Mon-Fri 10.00 to 20.00. Sat 10:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Telephone: (+51) 957284447/957352824. Facebook.

what to do in Barranco, Alternative Art Barranco

Gato Tulipan, what to do in Barranco, Alternative Art Barranco

Arte a tu alcance (Auction Art at your reach)

Last March took place 5th edition of 'Art Auction to your Reach' on Dada's Restaurant terrace, a place composed of a patio and several rooms located inside a colonial house.

In this initiative the works of more than 25 artists of recognized trajectory, as well as young promises of the contemporary plastic, highlights of which were  pieces of different formats: drawing, painting, silkscreen, photography, sculptures and objects. All of them, for a special price which the aim of making art more accessible.

Some of the artists who participated in the previous date were Ramiro Llona, Piero Quijano, Alfredo Márquez, Jorge Cabieses, Alice Wagner, Huanchaco, Evelyn Merino-Reyna Buchanan, Joaquín Liebana, Jorge Caparó, among others.

Cesar Caycho
El Oso Polar Azul
Art Print
Measures 40cm x 54 cm

Christian Bendayan
Printing on cotton paper
Measures 50 cm x 70 cm

Arte Urbano (Urban art) / Las Paredes Hablan (Walls Talk)

The streets of Barranco are also an excellent canvas for urban artists, and the contest “Walls Talk” was the first opportunity of the current mayor Antonio Mezarina, to offer them a space where they could expose themselves.

Although there are great muralists such as Elliot Tupac, or 'Jade' Rivera (who won the first prize of this contest last year), the lack of support from the Municipality of Lima - famous for erasing a large number of street graffiti - makes these artists have to exhibit much of their creations in neighboring countries like Chile or Colombia.

Fortunately for the admirers of these paintings, Peru is positioning itself step by step among the reference countries of the southern cone.

what to do in Barranco, Alternative Art Barranco

what to do in Barranco, Alternative Art Barranco

Barranco Open Studios

The first edition of the Open Studios Barranco took place on April 16 and 17, 2016, an initiative that has been developing successfully in other countries, and which consists of opening the doors of the workshops of artists working in this district.

Between the works we will find painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, fashion, design, cinema, music or photography, of more than 70 artists.

Barranco Open Studios, what to do in Barranco, Alternative Art Barranco

If after walking among the galleries Barranco you fancy something to drink, we invite you to know in the next post some of the nightclubs of the district.

Esteban García, Peru Travels Blog
September 2017

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