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The Pisco Sour Route

Without a doubt, Pisco Sour is the most international cocktail in Peru, being considered the flag drink crafted in the country. The recipe of pisco sour is made up of pisco, lemon (Peruvian) squeezed, syrup of gum (liquid sugar) and a couple of drops of angostura bitter.

Pisco is a grape brandy of Peruvian origin, and although it has been debated - and nowadays  still being debated - whether the origin of the pisco is Peruvian or Chilean; a recent judicial provision granted the reason to the first alleging that there is a port in the country and a town called Pisco, that they would give the name to the popular distillate.

The pisco depending on the grape variety can be classified in: Quebranta, Mollar, Italia, Torontel, Moscatel, Albilla or Acholado (mixture of different grapes).

The origin of the pisco sour still generates controversy among Peruvians. The most accepted hypothesis claims that Pisco Sour emerged in 1916 in the Morris Bar located in Jiron de la Unión, when an american barman, Victor Morris prepared a whiskey sour using the recipe but with the national pisco. This first recipe had no egg white, but it had got angostura.

After the Morris Bar was closed in 1929, the Hotel Maury continues offering this cocktail, thanks to the profesional barman, Mario Bruiguet, who worked with Morris and who knew the recipe. There are also versions that say this drink was put in value by the Hotel Bolivar in Plaza San Martín.

Pisco Sour is avaliable in most pubs in Lima. However, at the time of making "The Pisco Sour  Route”, we recommend these places, which are the most known and voted by all Lima.


The Maury Hotel can be the perfect point to start with this "Pisco Sour Route". Located near the Plaza de Armas, in Jirón Ucayali 201, this hotel with a nice wooden bar, has that original recipe that we have been talking about. This is not the bar where the popular cocktail was created; nevertheless, we can say that is where their preparation has been perfected.

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The Gran Hotel Bolívar, located in Plaza San Martín, is another referent points to take a pisco sour in Lima. In the 50's, his salón was visited by Hollywood starts such as Ava Gardner and Orson Wells. A very well-known anecdote, tells that when Orson Wells arrived in Lima after his press conference at the hotel, he met with the Peruvian journalist Alfonso Tealdo and took two dozen pisco sour cathedrals (the Cathedral is a Large glass).

Other versions claim that Wells took up to 42 pisco sour cathedrals, something superhuman, taking into account that most mortals would be drunk with only four of these cocktails.

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The Bar Inglés of the Hotel Country is another reference point when we are talking about “Pisco Sour Route”. This place is outside the Center of Lima and we have to move to the district of San Isidro (Los Eucaliptos 590). In 2013 the Summum Guide gave him the first place in the category of best Pisco Sour in the city. The head of the bar, Roberto Meléndez, is one of the creators of this success and has been awarded as champions three times in previous editions of the day of Pisco Sour.

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Although we have already spoken in the previous post of the famous Taberna Queirolo of Jiron Quilca, there is another place of the same name in the district of Pueblo Libre. This one has been chosen by readers of the newspaper El Comercio as another main point to take a good pisco sour in the city of Lima.

Worthy of special mention is that this is the oldest tavern in the city, dating from 1880. It is located in Jirón General Manuel Vivanco (district of Pueblo Libre). It also has a large place where you can taste Peruvian food and where you can dance music of all kinds.

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This place, managed by Ricardo Carpio, uses pisco of small producers and uses the recipe of the grandfather´s owner, Armando Valdés, with distillates of high graduation (between 46-47 degrees). That in itself is a warning for visitors who want to enjoy this powerful cocktail. The place is located in Petit Thours Avenue 5390 of Miraflores.

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This place is located on the second floor of the restaurant Brujas de Cachiche. It is part of this exclusive restaurant miraflorino (Ovalo Bolognesi 460) . Anyway their drinks are not more expensive than the average local of the districts of Miralflores and San Isidro. In addition to the classic pisco sour, we can find others choices based on macerated pisco like the one made in coca leaf, called "Brujo sour".

Huaringas Bar, The Pisco Sour Route, Pisco Sour Route Peru, Pisco Sour Route Lima, Peru Travels blog

This is our selection based on our personal experience and some recommendations seen in newspapers such as El Comercio. However there are other less popular places that keep barmen with excellent hand when making these cocktails.

We hope this 'Route of Pisco Sour' will guide you to know the best of this cocktail flag and its different preparations. There are also other variants of drinks with pisco like chilcano, piscola (Pisco&Coke) or the classic pisco punch. There are also sours based on other fruits such as passion fruit sour, mango sour even camu camu sour. Drink in moderation!

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September 2017

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