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Next Step: Barranco

Step by step we arrived at one of the most tourist districts of the city of Lima: Barranco. It borders to the north with Miraflores, to the east with Santiago de Surco and to the south with Chorrillos. This small district, which was in the middle of the last century a place for the upper middle class of Lima, was quickly populated with houses of colonial and European style, conferring on it that characteristic architecture that it has today.

Also considered as the "bohemian district" of Lima by the number of artists, actors or musicians who live in its streets, its soil has been revalued in the last 10 years in a disproportionate way. Today the Barranco seawall has become one of the most exclusive areas of the city and the prices of rentals and housing have increased in the same way.

How to See Barranco, District Barranco, Discovering Barranco

Although it is a safe district, we recommend (as always) common sense and not to show cameras or cell phones entering the night. In some zones of nightlife like the Av. Bolognesi sporadic robberies happens at the dawn. Remember: important documents and large amounts of money provided at your hotel or place of accommodation.

Barranco is a very pleasant place for the life of its streets, its architecture and its condition of residential neighborhood next to the malecón. Discover the most characteristic places for visitors. In the next post we try to give you some tips to know some points not so well known and related to the world of art and music.

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September 2017

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