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To know Lima, the City of the Kings (I. Arrival)

In this post we arrived at our first destination in Peru. Lima.

Lima is usually a place of passage for travelers who are going - mainly - to visit Cusco and the famous city of Machu Picchu, on the one hand; and the peruvian jungle and Iquitos, on the other hand. So, If you are interested about the city of Lima, we will give you some recommendations to visit this historical city known  as "The City of Kings" (called by this way in order to have been governed under the Crown of Charles V and the authority of the Viceroy or, according to another hypothesis, have been founded the day of the Descent of Kings, January 6, 1535).

Arrival at Jorge Chavez International Airport. When you land in Lima, if you have not hired a tour in advance, beware of the ripoff of unsafe taxis. There are safe companies such as CMV Servicio Ejecutivo, Mitsu Perú or Taxi Green Airport, although the service may exceed S / 100. The normal can be paid by S / 40 and S / 45 (about 12 €) for a journey to San Isidro- Miraflores-Barranco. To do this, you can walk a little and pass the first row of taxi drivers who are trying to "pull" you and only pay the price of S / 45.

A good option that starts operating on April 1, 2017, is the official bus company of the airport "Airport Express Lima", which costs US $ 8 (€ 7.50). A direct route to the District of Miraflores. Payment can be made in advance through their website or inside of the vehicle.

Airport Express Lima


You'll be wondering how safe Lima is to get around. We will not say in this blog that Lima is a safe city because we would be lying to our readers, nevertheless we will use the topical theme that warns: Lima is insecure depends on what circumstances. The tourist places of Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro and the Historical Center are very guarded. Otherwise we recommend 'consistency' when visiting the city. With this we refer to:

  • Do not display ostentatious jewelry or luxury accessories.
  • Do not display our camera or mobile phone at all times while we do not use them.
  • Try not to look like we are completely lost. Showing confidence is always a good measure to avoid trying to take advantage of us.
  • Definitely, try not to be very flashy.

One thing that many people ask is: Are the street taxis safes in Lima? I repeat what I said above. They do not have to be insecure, although I have heard of stories (especially at night) where taxi drivers sleep passengers with some sort of anesthetizing to leave them to the outskirts without money or documents. 

If you want to move around Lima safely by taxi I recommend two applications for the mobile: Easy Taxi and Uber. After ordering by mobile, the taxi should arrive in less than 5 minutes. The fare will be slightly higher than that offered by street taxi drivers (which is by haggling, taximeters do not exist), but offers total security. The fare of these companies are usually about S / 5 higher than those offered by street taxi drivers (about US$ 1,25).


In Lima it makes good weather all year. As we said in the previous post, the average annual maximum temperature is around 22 ºC (71,6 ºF) and the minimum temperature is around 17 ºC (62,6 ºF). So if you come between November and April it will suffice with short-sleeved T-shirt, swimsuits, sun protection and sunglasses. Although sometimes the day may be cloudy. The sun  is quite treacherous. From April begins the famous gray sky of Lima and will not see the sun in another 7 months.

Lima City of the Kings


If you ran out of time do not worry. In Peru it is very easy that you can change money in any of the exchange houses that you will see in the street or going to ask the money changers that you will see with green vest  in several tourists points of the city.

These money changers are safes and reliables, but we highly recommend to count the bills you are going to change and check the return they give you. Usually both in the exchange houses and through the money changers, you will find the same exchange rate. In the previous post we also give recommendations for you to know the exchange rate and use some of the converters that currently exist on the Internet.

In the next post we will begin to give you more specific information about what to visit and where to stay in the city of Lima.

Esteban, Peru Travels Blog
Lima, April 2017

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